Friday, March 31, 2006

Diagnosis: Brain Cloud

It has been a short work week and I should wonder how it flew by so fast. But the last three days have been dragging for me and I just can't get excited it's the weekend.

The weather outside is beautiful but I couldn't get out of bed this morning until 8:00, which is when I should be touching down at work.

I've gained three pounds on our long weekend trip but I have yet to embrace my inner Nike swoop and just get back on the treadmill.

I spent a half hour in the middle of the night last night comforting my poor dog through a bout of indigestion of some sort, catching a rerun of Top Chef. When Ruby finally settled down, stopped licking me and started snoring, (and I found out who had to pack their knives and leave) we trooped off to bed again. Then we (Ruby and I) woke up again at 2, so she could get out from under the covers. Then again at 4:30, so she could get back under the covers. Then me alone at 5:22, to get up and pee, then fall asleep (sort of) while peeing. Then the alarm goes off for David at 5:45, and ostensibly for me at 6:15, but I wasn't having any of that this morning. Hence the late for work.

After six years of the same-old same-old, I think I've tied a frayed knot at the end of my rope with my current job, and I'm hanging on halfheartedly. Yesterday I applied for a job I am actually interested in, so of course I'll never hear anything more about it.

And I'm whining in my blog, which I don't enjoy, despite what it looks like.

I thought I was getting sick but that hasn't come to much more than a sinus headache. I think I've got a case of vacation hangover, which to me is straight out of Joe vs. the Volcano, where Joe Banks goes to work and everything in his life, his office--everything, is gray. And the flourescent lights "Suck! Suck! Suck!" the life out of Joe. That's it. I've got a brain cloud.

Today at work I found myself daydreaming about how I could get a job at the San Diego Zoo, maybe taking souvenir pictures of people as they come through the gates. I would get to wear shorts to work. I would get to work outside. Working in the sunshine right now strikes me as the best job ever--you see? Brain cloud.

I actually looked on the San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park website to see if such a job opportunity existed--not at present, but I'll keep checking back. Don' t get me wrong, I don't want to be a zookeeper (too much poop). I don't want to drive the double decker bus around the zoo. I want to take pictures of people who are happy to be on an outing or on vacation and are willing to throw their money to the wind or, as it were, the photographer. See? Brain cloud.

This, incidentally, is not the job I applied for yesterday. But it is nice to dream. Down here under my brain cloud. Now I will go back to typing someone else's words, which "Suck! Suck! Suck!" the life out of me.

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