Monday, April 10, 2006

EEG Stands for Eeg! I've Got Such a Headache!

I have a wonderful post about our weekend adventures in food, but I've currently posted it twice and for some reason parts of it keep getting deleted. So once I fix that, I'll be happy to share my weekend with you. But this morning I'm having a hard time being patient because I feel like there's a mac truck parked in my head. Coupled with some nausea and light sensitivity, I'm beginning to think this is developing into a migraine. This all seems to be derived from an EEG (electroencephalogram) I underwent this morning for my epilepsy. It had been 20 years since I last underwent one, so my neurologist felt the time was right.

Aside from a head of hair vaseline-greasy (which I remember from last time) with whatever goo they use to make the electrodes stick, I left the hospital feeling both on edge and sort of woozy, a combination that any epileptic will tell you isn't a good one. Initially I thought maybe it was from the flashing strobe light they placed in front of my face and then ramped up from disco to rave to "head toward the light." There was a breif, blissful pause between each dial up of the strobe, but my body quickly learned not to relax during this pause, but to tense for the coming onslaught. My teeth were gritted against it.

But then I reconsidered, thinking that maybe my headache is the product of the torture of next having to "deeply and quickly breathe through my mouth for three minutes." And that, if there ever was one, is a recipe for passing out. Try it some time, and let me know how long it takes before your mouth is dry, you're tired, shaky, and feeling lightheaded. I hit that point right around the time the technician said I'd been breathing for a minute.

After that, all I had to do was relax and try to fall asleep. I think she had to tell me to untense my jaw at some point. She claims I almost did fall asleep, but I don't remember that point, whenever it was.

So now my head is pounding, light sensitive, nauseous, etc. And now that I just want to relax and fall asleep, I'm at work, trying to think straight. Whee.


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