Friday, August 04, 2006

friday night in

This is the first weekend since, oh, May that we haven't been out of town. And so, tonight Mr. Bump and I will curl up in our cool basement, eat homemade pizza and watch our DVR and sigh loudly. I will probably burp and wear pajamas, too. (Mr. Bump not being the pajama-fan I am, he will probably just wear shorts--not boxer shorts, short-shorts.)

We have a party to go to tomorrow, and some house-cleanin' that must be done, but other than that we plan to have an at-home vacation. Go to the farmer's market. I think we may grind/make our own sausage. Tonight we plan to grind our own hamburger, something we have done before. You know, mellow stuff. Relaxing stuff.

What, you don't endeavor to make your own sausage or grind your own burgers? C'mon.

And people say we're wasting our lives by not having children.

Ok, not anyone we KNOW, but it is the general vibe in the world. At least some parts of it. Please. Sausage, people. It can, and should, be done. Mmmm.

P.S. Anyone know where we can get some fat back?

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