Monday, August 14, 2006

old business, new business

As an update: I did talk to my old boss about NOT taking my old job back, and she was genial and understanding and has promised an evening at her new house to chat and drink wine in the backyard. But then, she was always big on promises so I'm not holding my breath.

In other news: last weekend we had (ostensibly) our last weekend at the cabin Mr. Bump has been going to his whole life. The cabin his mother and father built with his father's parents. For a variety of reasons that I won't go into, we've found and are scheduled to purchase a house (cabin, whatever) one valley over from the Bump cabin. We've been searching for a new name and scouring home stores for such essentials as ice cream scoops, sheets, towels, heated mattress pads (these are the Colorado mountains, after all), and lots and lots of paint. We have two hot contenders (one thanks to K & C): Bumpalot, and MoHo (short for Mountain Home). We'll see what sticks. We are looking forward to the future. We have a new view, which isn't as nice as the old one but is beautiful nonetheless. We have old furniture that will settle in like old friends in new surroundings, and new appliances so we won't have to scrub out old yucky ones. We have so very much to do.

Other old business: We just passed (last week, the 9th, Wednesday) one year since a car turned left in front of Mr. Bump and fractured vertebrae, crushed a cheekbone, chipped teeth and basically left him a frightening mess with a wickedly bloody eye (the white turned all red--really creepy but didn't stay until Halloween). We are glad he has healed as much as he has. We hope that his back will continue to heal and that someday he will be able to completely feel the left side of his face. He looks like nothing ever happened to him. I just wish nothing had. But I'm also grateful nothing worse did.

New business: We have ordered a new stove and are sending our current stove off to the country for a nice rest. It will reside in Bumpalot, with its friend that was previously retired from active service, range hood. It will get lots of rest there, and we plan to visit it on weekends. Our new stove has 5 (yes 5!) burners, at varying btus, including a simmer burner and a mother-hot burner (all sealed, unlike our old stove). We can't wait to watch it boil water.

I know, just when you thought I was getting interesting, I have to go and show my true dork colors. Ah well. At least I have my stove to keep me warm.

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