Thursday, November 30, 2006

6 things weird about me

I've finally joined the nexus of the meme tag, thanks to Sasha. And while I won't be tagging anyone else because she's tagged just about every blog I know, I will honor her tag by responding. So here goes:
  1. I am currently, at the age of 32, teething. According to my dentist, one of my wisdom teeth is making a break for it as we speak. Apparently, while they give babies cold washcloths and teething rings, they give grown-ups vicodin. Yay for being a grown-up.
  2. I too, enjoy the guilty pleasure of cleaning out my Ru-bear's ears. Also, ripping out her ear hair. (It must be done.)
  3. Despite the fact that I take about 11 pills a day (for various reasons), half the time I gag trying to get them down on the first try.
  4. I was born and raised Catholic, so my full, entire name is ridiculous. First, my name was Barbara Ann McGee. Then I was adopted, and my name became Lana Lea Abernathy. Then I was baptized and I added Elizabeth, my baptismal name. And because Catholicism can't leave well enough alone, my confirmation name is Thomas Aquinas. Then, of course, I married Mr. Bump and instead of dropping some name I just added his to the mix. So my complete name is (deep breath): Lana Lea Elizabeth Thomas Aquinas Abernathy Bump, nee Barbara Ann McGee. Jeez.
  5. I actually miss my husband if I don't see him for three or four hours.
  6. My mother-in-law is one of my best friends. (That one is weird good.)

1 comment:

sasha said...

Vicodin and ear hair. I knew I liked you for good reason.

I didn't even get one middle name, so maybe you can loan me one of yours? I'll take "Thomas."