Saturday, November 11, 2006

a crisp, a tub, a foot, a weekend

This weekend we're up at Bumpalow getting things cleaned up, cleaned out and shut down for the winter. It is sad, but the drive up here Thursday night was treacherous enough to make me think really hard about how often I want to come up here before spring. It wasn't snowing but it had snowed, and the temperature drops rapidly, and the wet pavement, well, you get the idea.

I made a lovely Apple Crisp, which I've already blogged about here. It was yummy and gooey and abundant and we're still enjoying it.

We managed to hack the jetted tub out of the master bathroom yesterday, cut it into three-ish pieces and heave the biggest one over the side of the porch into the front yard. Yah, we're that kind of white trash. But no, then we dragged into the Place Where All Things Go Before They Travel to Trash Heaven (a/k/a the dump)--the garage, of course. We would have saved it for you but it wouldn't come out of the bathroom in one piece. I say we but I held a mostly supervisory role, although I was enlisted for the toss-the-tub-over-the-deck portion of the afternoon.

My foot, after a lovely brief 5-day vacation from the hurting like hell, is back to hurting like hell. The cortisone shot's magic was short lived, and I'm going into a Court Week at the courthouse where I have to "Dress Up" every day. The most frustrating thing about it is the less I walk on it, the better it feels, but the fatter I get. I mean, there was apple crisp about!

That's been the weekend. I've read two books and five magazines, baked a pie, hurled a tub and it isn't even over yet.

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