Monday, January 29, 2007

mr. bump gets hit by the impulse stick

Believe it or not, Mr. Bump came over to the dark side this weekend. On an impulse, we bought this. Admittedly, it was 40% off and super-comfy, but still. Have you met Mr. Bump? We haven't bought a new dustbuster, even though if we turn ours on it won't turn off. We need to do more research. It isn't that he never buys something on impulse. We also bought sheets at the Cost Plus, and a new duvet cover. But never something like furniture. We bought the ottoman at one store and had to have them call another store and put the loveseat thingy on hold. We had to drive home, drop off the ottoman and go to the other store to buy the loveseat. He had plenty of time to back out of the deal like a skittish colt. I feel like we're growing. I'm so proud. Hurrah!

We got snow again this Saturday for the seventh straight weekend/week. I'm snow sick. The problem isn't so much the new snow, it is the old snow that has melted down to the ground in spots so there are 5-6 inch potholes in the ice that remains on the road. Just outside our alley is a giant puddle which obscures an approximately 8 inch drop into a watery icy pit just deep enough to scrape your front bumper on the way out and then your back bumper on its way in. And don't get me started on the ruts. I believe, if the sun is able to do its job at all today, we may have a snow-free deck by the time we get home. Seven weeks to get it melted.

Other developments: well, just one really. The dog is spending today out of her crate for the whole day for the first time ever. Here's hoping there isn't any pee or puke on the new loveseat.

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