Thursday, November 08, 2007

coming in from cambria

We got up this morning at 4:30, which makes it 3:30 Pacific time, so we are very very tired. We had a decent (if very early) flight out of DIA, which was lovely except for my tussle with a ticket counter agent at the bag drop and a bit of turbulence when we were climbing out past the mountains.

Our rental car pick up was flawless. We had a wonderful Elevenses at a tea shop in San Francisco. Leland Tea is a wonderful place to go, I urge you all to make it there if you happen to be in San Fran. Chances are you'll get something really special there, whether it is the lovely veggie frittata that I had with my Jasmine Fancy tea, or Mr. Bump's blueberry cinnamon scone and pot of Golden Yunan.

After the requisite visit to In N Out for a late lunch, we drove down through the Salinas Valley and out to the coast to Cambria. Lovely town. 6,000 people, wonderful food, a fabulous ocean view room at the Little Sur Inn. Mr. Bump isn't aware of the accommodations I'd made for this trip except in general terms, so he was tremendously excited at our room with our little balcony overlooking the ocean, the surfers catching the last few waves before dark, and the sunset. Oh, the sunset. Fatigue prevents me from posting the pictures now, but I'll get them up at some point. At some point there might be links in this post, too, but for now all the things I've mentioned can be found on the internet.

I will, however, include the following link because I think this one is just a fabulous place, and if you ever come to Cambria for any reason, you should go to The Black Cat for dinner. It was a lovely meal, inexpensive for the value and a great great cheese. I highly recommend the pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin, the cheese plate with Brillat Savarin and Istara, and although we didn't opt for dessert (we meant to go to another place for dessert, but it was closed on Thursdays!), the chocolate souffle and vanilla bean panna cotta sounded and looked very good.

So, tomorrow we head to Hearst Castle and Big Sur, and on up to Monterey. More tomorrow night..

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you! There was a bank here in town that left us in stitches. I mean, would anyone honestly put their money in a bank called Rabobank? Really. I think not.

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Chris said...

I would. But then they've been a sponsor or a Tour de France team for a while now.