Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hey ma, guess what? no cavities!

That's right, I had a dentist appointment and all is well inside my mouth! Are you glad? I'm glad you're glad. To celebrate the no cavities I believe I will be diving into another fistful of milkduds tonight. I'm just that wicked. And willful.

So now we begin the campaign called Operation Turkeybird. Tonight's agenda includes the baking of two pies (one pecan and one apple) and then a loaf of sourdough bread. If I have time I'll post something over here about the pies. We're pitting two different pie dough recipes against each other this year, so we'll see how they do.

Also, thanks to Mr. Hoover I'm addicted to this fun way to kill an hour or several.

Also tonight I'm getting my hair cut, so let's hope I'm not so hopped up on milkduds that I do something carazy. Like a faux-hawk.

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