Friday, September 18, 2009

five days

So we have one week five days (although I started this post a couple of days ago, I've dawdled in finishing it) to go before our Big! Trip! to South Africa! Botswana! and Paris! (Oh my god shut up Mrs. Bump.) (But in all seriousness I think it kinda deserves some of those exclamation points.)

We've still got some bits to figure out about cash/ATM/credit cards (done!) to take, figure out if it's worth it to get a Walgreens flu shot (done--but ow! I've never had a flu shot wake me up from my whole arm hurting), and spray the clothes with the bug spray that stays through several washings (this one is not yet done). I'm crazy enough to contemplate making some plane snacks of the baked good variety. Mr. Bump wants to scrub the deck down before we go. We've got to get rid of the produce from our CSA share. Anyone interested in some fairytale eggplants, pattipan squash, or a head of cabbage two weeks old? I've still got to get everything stuffed into my luggage. I've got to try and wrangle with my insurance for extra days of my medications since they're going to run out on the trip. Mr. Bump has virtually no books so we've got to find some that we'll both read and maybe find him some Kindle or Stanza books. Gah--not ready! Not Ready!!!

I'm a list maker extraordinaire, but there are lists. Oh people, the lists for this trip! List of meds to take, lists of chargers (by the way, anyone seen my cell phone charger? ...anyone? ...anyone?) and power supplies, itineraries, lists of phone numbers. You'd think we were going away for years. Ah, if only. I've got almost everything laid out on the bed in the spare room, which bothers Mr. Bump to no end. (Sorry honey!)

But I can't help the constant companion of these lists, which is the nagging feeling that I've left something off them. Is it the end of the world if I forget something? No. Even though we're going to Africa, even though we're going to be in remote locations for some portion of the trip, I can probably pick up whatever I forget in Johannesburg or elsewhere. Because of our weight and space limitations for the light aircraft portions of our trip, everything must fit in one soft-sided duffel bag and a backpack. I have the advantage of not schlepping heavy camera equipment, which buys me an extra 10 pounds or so over Mr. Bump. But let's face it, I could easily make that up in books, makeup, and shoes.

The one thing I do hope to bring along on this trip is you, dear reader. I make no promises but I hope that I'll be able to blog on occasion, share some photos and whatnot from Cape Town and Paris. I hope you can join me for updates as we go.

P.S. Oh and yeah, my Half-Marathon is two days away. I'm trying not to think too hard about it. I'm ready. I mean I have to pick out my race outfit and figure out where to stash my shot blocks and whether I'm going to bring my own water, and I still have to pick up my race packet and figure out parking. (Shaddup.) I've got a short easy run to finish up my training tonight, drink lots and lots of water today and some of tomorrow (but not too much--not a fan of the porta-pottie, especially someplace where everyone using it is in a hurry ifyouknowwhatimean). And then I'm done. And then we're on to The Great Adventure. I'm trying not to see the big ol' ball of stress hunched over in the corner rocking back and forth just in my peripheral vision.

P.P.S. Questions for you: what are your go-to plane snacks? I've got 22-22 on-plane hours. I want to make sure I'm fully prepared in the snack department. I'm probably going to avoid salt as much as I can. Also, music? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I have 6 episodes of This American Life, 6 Prairie Home Companions (just the News from Woebegon), and one of Radio Lab--any other podcasts I might enjoy? They are good for bus rides to work, so I think they'll work well for plane travel as well. I'm going to put a couple of movies on my iPod, and the plane has a fairly good selection of movies too. Hopefully somewhere in there I'll get some sleep too (I pray at the temple of Benadryl, in case you're wondering where I place my faith). Please share--I love to hear what everyone else does to while away the plane time!

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