Friday, November 13, 2009

in other news

So I'm tired.  I've tried to write this post twice only to publish it without any content but a title.  I'm not exactly sure why I'm so tired but I biked last night and then worked out at the gym at work today.  Maybe it's that, maybe it's Friday, maybe it's attempting some calorie restriction.  But I'm glad the work week is over.  I honestly don't know why I'm complaining.  I have had a full work week since the middle September, before we left on our trip. 

I've filled a couple of bakery orders this week too, which went really well, actually.  Weeks like this I think website, I think domain name, I think quitting my job and opening a bakeshop on the corner.  But then I have weeks and weeks where I have no time to try and drum up business, let alone bake.  I'm feeling my way along slowly, coming up with a concept.  What I would love to do is something I haven't seen, but only probably mostly because I haven't done much research.  The idea is "homemade to order," where you tell me what you want or need and I make it.  Whether it's a birthday cake or a batch of cookies for the bake sale or something for a work potluck.  I'm even ok with you taking the credit for it, if you want.  Basically, the idea is that no one has time or energy to bake from scratch anymore, but everyone loves a homemade chocolate chip cookie now and then.  I'm even thinking about a freezer dough kind of thing, where the cookies can be individually pulled out of the freezer and thrown in the oven (or the waffle iron) for a sweet dessert treat that's hot and melty and dee-licious.  Who wouldn't want that? 

My hang-ups are this 40 hour a week government job and the fact that I have absolutely no business acumen to speak of.  But this current pace works for me, orders is dribs and drabs, getting my bearings and my footing just on costs, without worrying about mark-up and delivery and yadda and yadda.  One of my orders this week was baklava, which is something I would never have made on my own in a million years.  But it came out good (fabu, according to the client), which really makes me happy.  I love the challenge of making what you want.  Now I know that this can be less than cost-effective when I have to try each recipe out before I make it for someone, but I think eventually I'll get a repertoire and the whole thing won't be so hard or crazy each time I get an order.  Right now not even my whole feet are wet, just my toes.  And I'm not ready to wade any further into the water at the moment. 

That said, if you live in the Front Range area and would like a batch of baked goods fresh from my oven for the cost of the materials, email me, leave a comment, send up a flare.  If I'm willing to take on baklava, I think I'm willing to give whatever you're craving a try.

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Chris said...

The frozen cookie dough thing is the way we eat cookies now. I could totally see buying a bag of cookie dough divided into cookies. Heat and eat. now I want a cookie. :(