Wednesday, November 18, 2009

no. 201

Hey how 'bout that?  Last night's poor me post was my 200th!  How appropriate that I would miss the opportunity to reflect on my last 200 blog entries because I was navel gazing at my own pity party.  But enough of that.

I went with a co-worker tonight to see Anthony Bourdain speak and do a Q&A at the Buell Theater. He was hilarious and had some nice comparisons to make between Sandra Lee and the Undead, but I'll leave you with the tidbit that's swimming around in my brain. Toward the end of the Q&A (and why do those things always have to have a creepy awkward stalkerish tone to them?) someone asked him for advice for their fifteen year-old.  He laughed and started to move on to the next question then turned around and said something like, "You want some advice?  If you say you're going to be somewhere at 8, show up at 5 minutes to 8.  You can either be the kind of person who says he's going to do something and does it, or you can be everyone else."

So I'm lying in bed, it's a half hour past my bedtime already, and I remember I haven't blogged yet today.  Eh, fuck it, I think.  It ain't going to happen.  But then comes that little gravely voice of Anthony Bourdain cursing like a sailor in my head and asking me what kind of person I am.  I said I was going to do NaBloPoMo, and I'm doing it.  So that's my bit of wisdom for today.  I'm trying to parlay that into some sort of sage dieting/weight loss wisdom, without actually having to go into detail or flesh any of that out this evening.  How am I doing?

Stick your bookmark right here. We'll come back to this tomorrow.

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