Friday, November 20, 2009


I'm up in Northern Colorado for the weekend, and my internet connection is a bit slow, so I'll try to do the best I can. Today's post is randomness at best.
  • We finally watched Up tonight with Mrs. Bump--very funny.  I am always wary of movies everyone says I must see, but everyone who told me that was right about this movie.  It's about time Ed Asner got back in the game. 
  • Today was my day off and I didn't run.  There--I admitted it!  (I'm still working through the shame I've got all over me in the process, but that's another Oprah.)  I did, however, fill the car with gas, get the oil changed, do a Target run without purchasing a single item of clothing, bake a test batch of shortbread and go to a cake decorating supply store to pick up a bunch of cake boxes.  The whole store was fascinating, but probably only for someone who gets excited when s/he sees a kind of decorative sugar s/he hasn't seen before.
  •  I do, however, plan on going for a run tomorrow morning on my way to breakfast.  I figure it's pretty failsafe.  I get up, I run there, I eat, I've exercised and I can have Mr. Bump get me back home in the car.  Yay!  I'll let you know how it goes.
  • I promise promise promise to have some better content in the next few days.  Also some stories from our trip.  Things haven't been very fun, funny or fun to read around here, I know.  
  • The only funny thing that happened today was that I was getting things ready to go to drive up north today and Ruby figured out what was happening.  I was coming up the stairs from the garage and she was standing at the top of the stairs.  She let out a sort of bow-wow-WOW! of joy, as if it was her only way of fully expressing how excited she was. 
  • Also, I have been introduced to this website, which you must visit now and often.  This is totally my sense of humor--funny weird roadsigns.
  • This is the last bullet point.  It is content free.  Goodnight.

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