Thursday, May 06, 2010

three days

Had a horrible run on Tuesday.  Horrible.  My knee hurt a lot, I was really hot, my heart rate kept spiking. Frequently I found myself walking instead of running without consciously thinking, "I should stop and walk."  My body apparently had some say in that decision.  I iced my knee and pounded some advil when I got home, and it seems better now.  But what the hell?  I might be freaking out. A little. Ish. Maybe.

My tummy has been bothering me the last couple of days, too, which is throwing off my eating.  I don't know if it's nerves or the advil I've been taking. I've had a couple of stuffy noses, but I think those are allergies.  I'm paranoid something is going to happen in the next three days that would force me to DNS (did not start, not to be confused with DNF, did not finish).  I'm supposed to run a 3-miler tonight, but I'm worried about my knee and not sure I want to push it before Sunday.  Will missing a single 3 mile run ruin my marathon abilities?  I don't think so. So I'm done with running before Sunday.  Tonight I'll stretch out well, and take a hot bath.  Tomorrow I'll sleep in for as long as I can, and take a nap in the afternoon if at all possible.  I will be rested. I will be ready.  

I've got some things to do in the next couple of days which will keep me busy, like sorting out my gear, making Mr. Bump a birthday cake.  I'm trying to just distract myself as much as possible at this point.  Lately I've been using these as a point of distraction:

Pretty, no?  These beauties might just keep me going at mile 18, if no one is there to cheer me on. If I make it through, who knows?  Anything might be possible. The world just might crack wide open and these might fall into my lap. 

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