Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer + new bicycle = joy

 Today happens to be Bike to Work Day, and I was fortunate enough to pick up my brand new bike last night, in time for an inaugural bike ride to work this morning.  I love it more than it's probably cool to admit, but it's beautiful and easy to ride.  All it needs is a bike bell and a basket and I'm set.

I love to run, and I don't have any plans to stop, but it's nice to be excited about something else, and it's what we call cross-training, my dears.  We also call it F.U.N.

I hope wherever you are, whatever chaos you're up to your neck in in your life right now, that you're able to take a moment to remember what a simple pleasure it is to stand up on your pedals and sprint, to ride along "No Hands!" and to coast down a long hill.  Summer is officially here.

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