Thursday, November 11, 2010

we are home, home from rome

(This was my stupid grin all through Italy.)

So we went to Italy.  We went to Italy for three wonderful, fabulous weeks.  Despite mixed weather, loss of one passport (mine), and fifteen (yes, 15!) bug bites (just on me, natch), it may have been one of our best trips ever.  

We flew into Rome and were there for three nights. Then we took the train to Sorrento and spent an afternoon at Pompeii, a day touring the Amalfi coast, and then took a ferry to Capri, where we spent our 9th anniversary. From there we returned to Sorrento, picked up a rental car, and drove to Le Marche by way of Civita di Bagnoreggio. We stayed 3 nights in Le Marche at the most amazing agriturismo and explored the area.  After that we drove down to Pienza through Arezzo and Cortona.  We spent the next day driving around Tuscany, and dropping our car off in Florence.  After three days and nights in Florence exploring museums, we took the train to Cinque Terre, stopping to spend part of the day in Lucca on the way there.  We explored Cinque Terre as well as Portovenere to the south and Sestri Levante to the north in 4 days, and then we spent most of a day traveling by train to Venice.  We spent two days and nights getting lost in Venice and then took the train to Milan, where we flew out the next morning.  It felt like a lifetime but it flew by seemingly in the amount of time it took me to write this paragraph.

And now we are back and we are sad. I can’t seem to get out of my funk. Nothing seems worth getting excited about: not work, not baking, not running, not the upcoming holidays.  All I want to do is curl up in bed and dream about Italy. Or possibly just grab Mr. Bump by the hand and head to the airport with our passports and a credit card and never come back.  Instead, while I am desperately trying to pull myself backward through the hedge into my life, I thought I would take some time to tell you the stories and show you the pictures from our trip.  Maybe it’ll help me get over Italy.  As if that were even possible.  Stay tuned for our adventures and  pictures.


Chris said...

Yay! Stories and Pictures! Stories and Pictures!

Miss Kim said...

Ah, Italy. You can never really leave Italy.

I'm looking forward to hearing about it.