Thursday, October 13, 2011

this post is brought to you by the number ten

I've got some deep thoughts and revelations from the marathon that I'd like to share, but I'll save that for my next post (coming soon!). Today, I'd like to talk about Mr. Bump. Warning--it's about to get all schmaltzy up in here.

 It's been ten years since I married this guy.

We've been to a lot of places. Seen a lot of things. Eaten a lot of ice cream.  I'm a lucky girl.


I know you'll find this hard to believe, but I'm not always the easiest person to be with. I'm grouchy when my blood sugar is low. I'm argumentative. I'm emotional and dramatic. I spend too much money at Target and I've been known to eat the fun size Butterfinger Mr. Bump was saving for himself. I always want to talk, I'm overly fond of asking my husband what he is doing, which I happen to know annoys him greatly, but I can't seem to help. It's like a reflex. But Mr. Bump is very patient. He knows when to hand me a snack, when to listen to me rant, and when to shut the rant down before I spiral out of control. He is superb at not rolling his eyes when I'm channeling Crazy Lady.

Of course my husband presents his own set of challenges. But marriage is signing up for each other's crazy, and hoping it doesn't show up every day.

We've spent all but a handful of nights together in that 10 years. He's been there for me, every day, literally through thick and thin. We fight sometimes, but not that often. But even if you don't fight, it can be hard sometimes in the day to day slog of dirty dishes and shoes not put away (always mine) to remember to cherish each other. Every day is a choice. Every compliment you give, every hand held, every kiss is a choice.  That's what I've learned after 10 years. That's my marriage advice. Cherish each other, even when it isn't easy. Choose each other, over the argument you're having, over being "right," over all the things that will slowly, silently push you apart. I know you've heard it, I know it's cheesy (I warned you!), but love is a verb. It's work.

No matter what's going on in our lives or our marriage, our deal is always kiss me goodnight. And it works for us.

I'd be lost without him. Every day I'm grateful that he chose me, that he continues to choose me.

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Bump. It seems like just yesterday I was breaking into the church with my bridesmaids because I couldn't wait to marry you.

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Miss Kim said...

Happy happy anniversary! Yay!