Friday, April 21, 2006

dressing mrs. bump--like barbies with backtalk

I have purchased two options for the next go-round of interviews for this job, and I can't decide which one of them I want to go with.

Contestant No. One is a black skirt suit, with a skinny white pinstripe and a dotted pinkish red pinstripe. I would probably be pairing it with a white shirt of some variety, probably crewneck. Or perhaps black, but probably white. And a pair of pointy toes, kitten heeled pumps.

Contestant No. Two is a cream suit (it says "vanilla" is the color), which is solid in color. I would be wearing either a black crewneck shirt or a french blue button down shirt with ruching--an added bit of fashion detail should I unbutton the jacket during the interview. Shoes would be the very same pumps mentioned above if I go with the black crewneck shirt, and I'm not sure if I go with the blue. I don't have a pair of cream "vanilla" shoes, so I would either have to go with brown or black regardless. I don't know.

For reference, I previously wore a tan pantsuit with a white pinstripe and a pink pinstripe running through it. I wore a white crewneck shirt under it, and pinkish brownish mary janes with a square toe.

Makeup will be minimal--foundation, blush, a little neutral lippy.

My watch choices are black leather band. That's all I got that currently has batteries in it. Oh, and a metal stretch band watch with a blue face, which might work with the blue shirted ensemble.

I will be carrying a black portfolio.

My car is originally hunter green but is currently a greenish brown shade due to weather-related residue. Could be a problem with the cream suit.

Purse-wise, the field is wide open: black leather, brown leather, teal suede, black and white fabric, orange fabric (although more of an evening purse), and even multicolored corduroy. I'm leaning toward black leather.

Contestant No. One Contestant 1 Close-up

Contestant 2A Contestant 2B

Let's review the options: Black pin-striped skirt suit, Contestant No. One. Cream suit with black shirt, Contestant No. Two A. Cream suit with blue shirt, Contestant No. Two B.

And just keep in mind, I have total dictator-type veto power, much like the producers on [insert your favorite reality elimination-type show here].


sasha said...

I will await the pictures...I hope Mrs. Bump herself will be modeling them?

Mrs.Bump said...

No way. I don't want my fabulousness to affect the voting.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Bump
(witholding final judgment until he sees them on Mrs. Bump--lucky me)

sasha said...

Okay...#1 for sure. Show some leg! Besides, too much vanilla and someone might lick you by accident.

Mrs. Arnold said...

Definitely #1.Go, go, go!

Miss Kim said...

Vanilla suit, blue shirt. Brings out your eyes.