Thursday, April 20, 2006

mr. bump goes to school

I miss my husband today. This is how much of a freak I am. He's not on a business trip. We slept in the same bed last night and he even drove me to work this morning. But Mr. Bump is attending a class today and tomorrow (something technical and computer-y) and therefore I am being deprived of my near constant contact with him via email and IM. I can't relay every thought I have to him exactly when I have it. Or at least I can't expect a response from him.

Sadly, I have gotten to the intersection of marriage and technology where I still want to communicate with my husband but technology is failing me. I could text message him if Mr. Bump didn't have an ancient Nokia phone that doesn't do text. Despite Mr. Bump's leanings toward the newest and best technology has to offer, he's nearly a Luddite when it comes to cell phones. For that matter he never wants to use the phone at home either. By that I mean he never wants to answer it, and getting him to even call his brother to see when he's coming over for dinner is a chore. I would rock, paper, scissors him on it but he's stolen my RPS mojo, and so I'm crippled in that arena. (More on this at another time.)

It was nice to have the drive to work to talk to him, but he had to go and wreck that in the following exchange:

Mrs. B: You don't want to be in this lane.
Mr. B: Are you sure?
Mrs. B: Yes, this lane ends up ahead.
Mr. B: Are you sure?
Mrs. B: What do you mean am I sure? I take this route every day.
Mr. B: Well, where does it end?
Mrs. B: At the next light.
Mr. B: The lane continues, it just turns.
Mrs. B: Yes, but it doesn't continue the way we're going.

And a short time later, as we're behind a slow bus:

Mrs. B: You want to pass him if you can.
Mr. B: Why, is he going to stop?
Mrs. B: I don't think so. But you can get by him.
Mr. B: (passing) You were right.
Mrs. B: Of course I'm right. I take this route every day.

We'll see if we have this same conversation on the way home today, or on the way to work again tomorrow.

One of the benefits of this job I'm applying for is that it is catty-corner from Mr. Bump's office building, and we could have lunch every day. You would think after this morning's exchange I might be having second thoughts about that arrangment. But you'd be wrong. We used to do it when we were first dating and it was really nice. Plus it forces Mr. Bump to actually take a lunch hour, which he hardly ever does. Plus unlike lane changes, we don't have any trust issues regarding lunch choices.

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Anonymous said...

We could get a tandem, and then you could pester me with doubts about our route into work...

Mr. "Fish need bicycles too--pick a different analogy please" Bump