Monday, April 24, 2006

job interview, take 2

Let's see, where do I start? I woke up this morning to GI distress and spent precious moments I should have been plucking stray eyebrow hairs and drilling myself on my weaknesses (give something, but a skill, rather than a quality) on the toilet. I managed to get showered, get dressed, get everything (0r so I thought) into the black purse before I had to spend a little quality time in the powder room. It's a rain/snow mix here so I bring my umbrella but eschew a coat because of the flop sweat. I get there and I immediately realize (when the security guy asks for it) that I've left my id in my other purse. It hasn't made the transition. Thankfully, someone was able to come and get me and vouch for me because I told the guard I had an interview. I know, I remembered it last time, I had no excuse.

The interview itself was not bad, it was with three possible fellow coworkers, all of whom seemed very nice and while inexperienced at interviewing, managed to loosen up a bit toward the end. We talked about shared interests, etc.

After that I hobbled over to Mr. Bump's office for a little debriefing and to call in sick to work. But now I'm back home waiting for the next wave of cramping, etc. while I make some tea and attempt one of the homemade graham crackers we made yesterday.

They said someone would call me but they seemed a bit vague on the details. I don't feel like it went badly at all, in fact it seemed to go well. But the lack of any kind of resolution is what's killing me. Ah well. Cowboy up, Mrs. Bump.

Somehow with everything else going on, I'm not going to worry about it.

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