Tuesday, April 25, 2006

we got punk'd by mother nature

On Saturday, the weather here was spring with just the merest suggestion of summer--trees flowering, birds singing, eventually downright hot. I stepped out on the aluminum threshold to our deck and nearly burned my bare foot, that's how hot. And so we made the calculated decision to switch our furnace over from heat to cool. It seemed like it was time. Even on Sunday, the thunderstorms and rain/hail were more suggestive of a summer storm than anything more sinister. Fast forward to yesterday morning, when the rain turned into SNOW, and the temperature dropped to 34 degrees. Last night, as we watched the giant, fluffy snowflakes settle on the blossoms of the fruit trees in our alley and made a big ol' pot of chili, we made the solemn switch back to heat with our heads bowed in shame. Because we knew we had fallen for the summer fake-out and resulting bitch slap--that's right, we'd been punk'd by mother nature.

According to my Firefox Weather.com add-on, it is currently cloudy and 32 degrees out. Having already been outside, I believe it. It also promises to be 75 degrees by Thursday. But I'm much more wary now. I'll believe that when I see it. That's the thing you've got to remember about weather in Colorado. You can't believe you won't see snow again (until fall, that is) unless it's the Fourth of July.

But I'll get you back, mother nature. When you least expect it, I'll get you back.

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