Monday, May 22, 2006

my communist friend

Aunt Flo, or as I like to call her, my "red"or communist friend, is in town. She only comes to visit me four times a year, and frankly I could do with even fewer visits from her. I take a wonderful birth control called Seasonale, which I love for this reason. But what I don't love is that when my commie bitch of a friend comes, she's pissed. And she wreaks havoc from my head to, well, not quite to my toes, but.

Not the best time to go shopping for new pants for my new job, but there it is.

Not much to report from the weekend, just a lot of fun with Mr. Bump, hangin', shoppin', and doing stuff around the house. In four days we managed to pressure-wash the deck, shave the Ru-ster, sweep and mop all the floors, make a batch of these cookies (mmm) and a back of chicken stock in the pressure cooker (cuts the time down to a quarter of the original six to eight hours). We bought this faucet (below retail!) for our kitchen, after looking around for it everywhere and finally driving out near the airport for a glimpse of one on display and actually working. We went on the crazy-ass search for a coffee pot, and ended up empty handed. I believe I will be buying this one, but I haven't yet.

Aside from glutting ourselves on commercialism and baking/cooking, we managed to go out for breakfast, make a couple of kick ass breakfasts ourselves, and enjoy our deck once we had pressure washed it to a perfect shine. (Ok, we got the pee smell off from Ru.)

But the uninvited communist guest slayed me on Monday and I spent the day in the big easy chair (I know it's ugly but it is so comfy) with the heating pad on my belly. That's right, I took a sick day during my vacation. Sometimes it becomes necessary to watch four episodes of The Gilmore Girls, eat Chocolate-Chunk Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Cherries, and have a good long chat with your red friend.

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Mrs. Arnold said...

Mrs. Bump--

I just read an article that says that the Communist Aunt is no longer relevant in this day and age. You may be able to banish her permanently. Call for details. Also to schedule our visit. I can't wait to come!