Tuesday, May 09, 2006

people! people. people?**

What's a girl got to do to get a Hello Kitty toaster for her birthday? I ask you. There are people out there that this is aimed at (Mr. Bump) and the rest of you can just enjoy the marital tension. He's the only one I expect a gift from. Ain't it purty? The toast actually has Hello Kitty on it. Imagine me, in my strawberry patch pajamas, eating my Hello Kitty toast. Can you see it? I can.

Actually, I would also take one of these, which is my new favorite thing I want. I know it looks like a sundress, but it is actually an apron. Mr. Bump says I'd get stuff all over my "shelf" because it is so low cut, but god, isn't it cute? Cuter than cute?

Don't get me wrong, I still maintain my advocacy of a pair of diamond platinum stud earrings, that's always on the list for each holiday. But since Mr. Bump HATES the diamond juggernaut, I look for cute and fun things that aren't created on the blood of slaves and traded in an artifically inflated market instead.

So get right on that birthday present, Mr. Bump! If you have Mr. Bump's email you can email him with your opinions and choices. If you don't, I'm not going to expose his identity. Give me a break! I'm angling for birthday presents here! I'm not going to piss him off.

**Isn't it funny how a word looks funny when you type it several times?


Anonymous said...

I know I'm about as whimsical as a rectal thermometer, but wouldn't this make toast that was all spongy and, well, untoasted in the center?

--Mr. Bump

Mrs.Bump said...

you. are. too. funny. Whimsical as a rectal thermometer. Hah. And you're probably right. I'm not sure how good the toast would be. But it would be cute.