Wednesday, May 10, 2006

happy birthday mr. bump

Today is Mr. Bump's birthday. Happy happy birthday Mr. Bump! I'm so glad your mama had you. Otherwise I would be a spinster who watches too much tv and has too many cats. You've saved me from a house that when people walk into they say, "How many cats do you have?" even before they see any actual cats. Thanks for that, MIL.

In other news I've got two more days in the asylum, and then I'm lucky enough to have wrangled two beautiful unpaid weeks of vacation. I'm sleeping in, I'm working out, I'm spa-ing. I'm getting my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed. I'm beautifying. I'm going to movies in the middle of the day. Just try and stop me. I'd like to see you try.

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sasha said...

Happy belated, Mr. Bump!