Monday, May 01, 2006

weekend recipe: add one dog and stir

My MIL flew out to Jersey for her bi-annual trip on Sunday, which means for the next 10 days we have an extra little black ball of fluff, her dog Rosie and big (as in larger) sister to our little Ruby Slippers. This also means another dog in the bed, which is quite a bit of dog for a queen size bed and myself and Mr. Bump. Somehow I always end up the one without any covers, with one dog in between myself and Mr. Bump and one curled up between my knees preventing me from turning on my side, or in effect, moving at all.

Mostly the girls get along really well, but occasionally if someone gets too close to someone else who is sleeping, there will be snarling and the ensuing butt-sniffing. It seems to be something of a reset button, the butt-sniffing. Sometimes I wish things could be that simple for humans. Possibly not butt-sniffing, but some other kind of reset, like a high-five or somesuch.

Butt-sniffing aside, we also went to a bead show this weekend and looked (or mostly looked) at all the beautiful things you can do with beads. I bought a couple necklaces worth of beads to string--we'll see what happens. Normally they seem to exist in my head and never actually get strung and worn.

Mr. Bump also made some farmhouse cheddar cheese which we'll find out how good it is sometime over a month from now. I also made this, which has been making the food blog rounds. While it tasted very good, it stuck in the pan and was very crumbly. I believe I baked it for too long, even though I only did the minimum amount of time in the oven. It is theoretically low fat, although 6 tablespoons of butter can hardly be considered "low fat" in my book. I will, however, try again and see if I can get it to come out of the bunt in one piece. BTW, if you decide to make this cake, the batter is delicious all on its own.

We also averted a near-disaster making dinner of beer-battered fish and baked chips on Saturday night. The batter was really thick and wasn't sticking to the cornstarch coated tilapia. Mr. Bump didn't want to get his hands in the batter so he was using a food-service glove, which didn't work AT ALL. The glove just wanted to succumb to the batter. Finally I took over and, while I ended up with club hand, we had really beautiful fish (the chips weren't great, but we endeavor to keep trying). We almost dissasembled as a team, however, which was the scary part. After the cake debacle above, I was sure that everything was going to go downhill fast. But Mr. Bump, as always, kept the faith. He was right. (Do you hear that Mr. Bump? That's right, I said it.)

Aside from that crisis of faith, our weekend was pretty sedate. We tried to go out to celebrate on Friday only to discover that all of Conifer had descended for dinner in Golden before the prom. Who goes to dinner at the Macaroni Grill before prom? Who goes someplace called The Yardhouse before prom? We ended up at Tokyo Joe's, which was quick but eh. Not exactly celebratory. But it was offset by the flowers Mr. Bump had waiting for me when I got home from work. Very very sweet, Mr. Bump. You always seem to know just when I need flowers.

Sunday we took Mrs. Bump (the MIL) to the airport, went traipsing around for a birthday present for a coworker, and wore the dogs out on a walk, who thankfully slept on me for the rest of the afternoon. Nothing brings you down for a nap more than two warm dogs snoozing on various parts of your lap.

So it was a good weekend, really, until about 7:00 last night, when my stomach started to hurt. It has now hurt constantly for the last 16 hours, with no resolution, vomiting, or otherwise.

Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.

Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.

Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.

I want to shoot the whole day down.

--Boomtown Rats

Ugh. I want to shoot the whole day down, I tell you.

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