Friday, April 28, 2006

you can uncross your fingers


Whew. This week has been such a tumultuous whirlwind that it's been hard to catch my breath. Interview on Monday. Reference check on Tuesday (but only one reference, weird, huh?), then the agony of waiting through Wednesday and Thursday morning, checking the messages at home, gripping the cell phone at work. Then on Thursday at about noon, I checked the messages and there was a message offering me the job. Then there was the inevitable considering of whether or not I should try to negotiate salary, then there was the nervousness last night of what I would have to do today (I ate a whole full size back of popcorn by myself I was so nervous).

This morning I gave my lame attempt at negotiating, then took the job (it actually was a great offer to begin with, so don't worry I'm getting shafted).

Then I waited for my boss to come in so I could give my notice.

Then I made myself and my boss cry.

Then I waited while she got herself back together.

Then I was able to tell everyone else in the office that I'm leaving. I'm happy about my new job, but today is definitely bittersweet--I've worked with these people for nigh on 6 years and I truly felt like I was breaking up with my law firm. I will miss them all terribly, but I need to move on and do what is best for me. And this, for now, is what's best for me.

Thanks so much to everyone who crossed their fingers and thought good thoughts on my behalf. Whether you believe that kind of thing helps or not, it certainly didn't hurt. And it certainly let me know how loved I am, which never hurts anyone's confidence.

So now all that's left to do is figure out my start date and tell my parents that I've quit my job and got me a new one.

Yay Me!


Mut's Mommy said...

Congratulations on the new job! I just love your blog.
-Mischa (aka Lana's sis)

Mrs. Arnold said...

Congrats, Mrs. Bump! We are all so proud and happy for you.

I'll call for the details.

sasha said...

Yippee! That is a great excuse for eating a whole bag of popcorn. I usually eat them without excuses.