Wednesday, June 28, 2006

a crisis of shoe

I like to think of myself as MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) as I strut through the city and toss my hat in the air, being a gal who works downtown. But I'm having to face some awful truths about myself. Here's what it comes down to: I have so far resisted the urge to wear my trainers (british word for tennis shoes) to the bus stop and to work. I wear whatever pair of fabulous shoes I'm going to wear all day when I head out the door. But lately, after the most recent round of blisters and bandaids (I'm wearing three right now!), my hearty womanness is beginning to falter. I had considered myself to be much more Sex In the City, but recently I am coming to the conclusion that I'm much more of Working Girl stock.

I don't want to carry a pair of heavy trainers in my bag. I hate that look of professional from ankle up and ready to shoot some hoops from ankle down.

So I'm looking for shoes that won't make my poor feet blister but are fabulous and fashionable. I bought these, but they gave me some of the nastiest blisters ever! Danskos, because they are so comfortable and so not blister inducing, are very expensive. And now I have a very expensive pair of shoes I cannot wear to work, which is where I wear 98% of my shoes.

Right now I live for casual Fridays when I can wear something akin to a funky tennis shoe, like my new pair of Rocketdogs. They have rubbery pink spikes down each side. They kick ass. But I can only really get away with shoes with rubbery spikes on them on a Friday, honestly.

I have a couple pairs of flats, but I can't wear them with my wide-leg pants because then my pants drag the ground.

So I'm on a quest for good, comfortable, non blister-inducing work shoes. The heel can't be too high, because I'm not completely functional in 3 inch heels. And no stilletos, because I can't balance my considerable heft on such a fine point. I'm calling all Easy Spirits, all Aerosoles, all Cloudwalkers. But they better be cute. Because I refuse to "granny-up" in a pair of orthopedically friendly nursing shoes. I'll keep you posted.


Mrs. Arnold said...

Give the Danscos a chance! They'll ease up on you after a while. Or, perhaps they're too small...traditionally, in my Dansco experience (which is extensive) your heel is supposed to come up when you walk. They're not meant to be tight in the back.

Mary Tyler Moore or not, you rock, Girlfriend!

Mut's Mommy said...

Try Terra Plana shoes!

They're like butter!