Monday, June 05, 2006

post dashed off before collapsing into exhausted sleep

This job seems to be suck suck sucking the energy out of me. Mostly it is because I have to concentrate so hard on learning something the first time, that my brain gets all squeezed out during the day and I can't do more than watch tivo and stare at the mess my house has become in the evenings. Add to that record heat, trudging to and from the bus stop in said heat, and miscellaneous other walking on 16th Street Mall, and you've got one tired, flat puppy.

That being said, Mr. Bump and I passed a gloriously cooler weekend in Leadville where I read two and a half books and generally sat around and ate rice krispie treats and various other junk. May be why last night on the way home from the mountains my stomach was killing me. And why it was still killing me this morning.

Also this morning--the bus was late, I was stinky with sweat BEFORE I got to work, I had an argument with the security guard about where I could set my coffee down to return various items to my purse (not on the x-ray machine, apparently), I shed a few irrational tears and then I was off to get fingerprinted by the US Marshalls office.

We had to go past the holding cells for federal prisoners to get to the fingerprinting room, and let me tell you: it was nicely air-conditioned, the cells looked quiet and removed from the rest of the world, and no one was asking you to re-docket anything. It looked kind of nice for about two seconds. The fingerprinting was less exciting than it sounds and just as filthy--I had to wash my hands three times and still there was a sticky residue left over.

Things ground to a halt for the three and three quarters hours I was training in the afternoon, and I had to play catch-up to try and get stuff done after that.

This week proves to be filled with the lengthy distraction of "meeting and greeting" a bunch of people. Hopefully I'll get some work done in the meantime. At least I've finally work to do, which is nice. There's nothing like sitting, twiddling my thumbs and being unable to even blog about it. (The nature of this job does not lend itself to me working on personal projects throughout the day, unlike the last one.)

Add to that a sweltering wait for the evening bus, a trudge home with sweaty everything, and a pizza attempted in the grill (because of aforementioned heat), which incinerated the bottom and did not quite cook the top in 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Now I'm off to bed to lie awake and try to banish thoughts about what I learned in training--not so I forget it, but rather so that I can actually calm down enough to sleep.


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