Friday, June 16, 2006

things for our heroine take a sudden turn for the routine

Today is pay day, so it's official. I work for the gov'ment.

My coffeemaker arrived this week and I've been trudging it in on the bus. The coffee is excellent but my travel mug situation is poor. I've got to remedy that.

Working downtown has been good for the amount of walking I do in a day, as has this office, which is long and narrow.

Mostly Mr. Bump and I have lunch every day but sometimes (like today) we take a break from each other to run errands or just do different things. I like seeing him in the middle of the day. The only negative is that I usually have fewer stories to share at the end of the day because they only consist of the afternoon's events. Sometimes I feel like the monkey in our relationship--I've always got to have some funny story to tell or information to share to keep him interested.

I learned this week that my id to get in the building and use the elevators didn't work. I thought I just wasn't allowed to use the elevator, but no, apparently something had just gotten screwed up. Now my id works and I've got it on a lovely lanyard I wear around my neck. Very fashionable, black, it goes with everything.

I've had no more run-ins with security. The guys are mostly nice. Still getting to know the people I'm working with.

The big news here is that after 20 years, we're getting new cubicles! Compared to the ones we have (there is a suspicious stain on one of the walls of mine) anything will be an improvement. Apparently they'll be taller, more private, and have a small closet for coats. It almost makes up for the crap post-its they have here. Almost.

In other BIG NEWS, my parents house is almost done--they'll be moving in by the first of July. We're so happy for them. No one deserves it more. Also, we've been looking at property near Leadville for a Bump family cabin. We've looked both at pieces of land and at houses, and our interest lies in one house in particular. If we go that direction it will still need work, but the views it has are beautiful, and that isn't something you can improve with paint or re-tiling.

I miss my friends at my old job. I miss being on footing with someone that you can give them crap and know that they know you're just giving them crap. I miss knowing all about their lives, their vacation plans, the kind of cookies you make that they like.

On Sunday night I made dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting for my new co-workers. They were damned good and tasted like a high-end ding-dong, if you can imagine such a thing. I brought in 14 cupcakes in, and that night I took home 9 cupcakes. (?!?) At my old job they would have all been gone before noon. I just feel out of place a bit. I don't know what to do if I can't bring in snacks and have them eaten by the end of the day.

I don't miss billing my time. I don't miss having to stress about deadlines and motions for extension of time. I don't miss the old firm's time off policy. It is good to have reminders of what I don't miss.

I am (so far) enjoying the challenge of the work, though. My brain seems to be running at a higher rpm these days.

Happy weekend, all.

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