Monday, June 26, 2006

pete and repeat go up the hill. pete falls down. who is left? repeat. pete and repeat...

Whenever I have nothing to say, I change my template. Ta dah!

I have nothing to impart, mundane or profound. I've been spending too much of my days getting through my days and I can't think.

I get up, I ride the bus, I work, I eat lunch with Mr. Bump, I work, I ride the bus, I walk home, I collapse in a heap and do nothing. I don't watch tv or take a walk or clean the house. I set up my new coffeemaker each night and make my bag lunch. I go to bed.

It isn't the job's fault--that's the only part of the day that is challenging. It's me. I'm stuck on repeat.

And I have nothing new to read--anyone have any good suggestions? I want this, but I can't think of anything else.


Mrs. Arnold said...

Thank God, Mrs. Bump! I'd given you up for dead. Don't you know that I count on you for witty, insightful blogs?

I'm ashamed to admit that the last book I read was Ten Big Ones, a giggle-worthy Stephanie Plum action-adventure. But I didn't buy it.

I was in Davis last week and saw you everywhere I looked. Those were the days!

Baby D and I still want to visit...maybe after the summer heat?

Mrs.Bump said...

You and Ms. Diva come any time you want. Except Labor Day weekend. When we will be in San Diego.

Oooooh, Davis! In the summertime! Sigh.

I'm sorry I haven't posted. A combination of being too busy and having nothing whatever to say. I promise to do better in the future.