Monday, August 21, 2006


I. am. so. tired. I woke up this morning, sat up and asked Mr. Bump, "Do you feel like you've been run over by a Mack truck?" He nodded yes, too tired to elaborate. The inventory of my pain goes like this: head, eyes, neck, shoulder, upper arms, forearms, wrist of right hand, right hand in general curled into the gripping shape of how you would hold a paint roller, back, quads, calves, feet.

This weekend involved painting. Lots and lots of painting. We were up at Bumpalot (our new cabin for those of you who haven't been reading along) and boy did it need a whole lotta paint. The kitchen, family room and library all needed a coat of primer before they can be painted, so that was put on but not a lot else. The kitchen needed to be primed and painted behind where the appliances are going to go, and that got done along with all the walls in the kitchen being painted. The edges of the ceiling and around the light fixtures got painted in every room (thanks P). I spent the lion's share of two days in bedrooms, first painting ceilings and then finally walls. With a few minor exceptions that need to be taped off before painting, the bedrooms are painted. Except not the closets, which I don't even want to think about right now. But we can safely install all of the beds in the bedrooms next weekend and (YAY) sleep in our own cabin. The color we picked for the walls was called "Inviting Ivory," but I gotta tell you, it was wasn't ivory. It was, however, a creamy yellow, which went well with the hardwood floors, better than we imagined it would. It is beginning to feel like ours.

I have heard that some Native American tribes burn sage as a means of cleansing. The modern American version of that must be slapping on of oil based primer and latex paint, which is a heady but clean smell. It smells of a searing purge. Sure, the bath tubs and the shower aren't clean, the floors need another (the 3rd) vaccuum and mop, and the stairs down to the garage, well they just need the hose run down them, I'm afraid they're that bad. But all in all, it smells clean. It smells like a fresh new start.

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