Friday, September 01, 2006

labor day: a whole new meaning

Our dearest friends had a baby just over a month ago, and now we are off to see them and the babe this weekend. Somehow with everything else that has been going on we haven't had time to properly look forward to this trip. But since we fly out tonight I'm working on gearing up for it. What with all the TSA restrictions we'll be packing light and checking a bag. Should be good times.

We've been so busy there hasn't been time to blink, let alone blog. But today there was a crispness in the air that I've got to tell you, I've been sorely missing. My time of year has begun. It feels like the first few days of school weather. Like buying books for all your classes at the bookstore weather. As long as I live I will miss the new school year starting. I wish I were the perpetual student who never graduates.

Fall is also the time I love the most at the cabin--watching the aspen turn, curling up with a book and a sweater to watch the storms roll over Mt. Elbert. I am excited to do the same in our own cabin.

Progress continues to roll on Bumpalot. Last weekend we moved in all of the furniture and appliances and the loads and loads of stuff my mother-in-law managed to procure for the kitchen and bedrooms. Once we got the new dishwasher installed, we ran about 10 loads of dishes through the dishwasher. We were finally able to cook dinner around 9:00 pm. We put together a futon, rearranged furniture and rearranged and rearranged. Sunday we sat around staring at the wall until we discovered the sceery depths of the Master Bathroom Issue, which I will have to go into at a later date.

This week has been up and down. Nothing of note has happened, but still. I seem to have nothing to say.

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