Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I've been pretty cavalier, tossing out my views lightheartedly on the subject. Saying "maybe, someday." Someday, apparently, is the 13th of March. Well, I guess I've put off this confession/news as long as I can. I just need you all to know this, because you matter to me. (I haven't even shared this with Mr. Bump yet--surpise honey!)

I did it in the bathroom at work this morning, early enough that I would have some privacy. I had my suspicions yesterday, but I confirmed it today. This morning I found not one, but three white hairs. Three! For a while I fooled myself by saying they were just blond hairs, vestiges of the highlights I haven't gotten in at least a year. But there they were, just north of my bangs--half white, half red. The bottom half was white, so I'm pretty sure they aren't blond. I've never had a natural blond hair in my life.

I suppose I'm ok with it. I've colored my hair pretty consistently in the last few years, so it wasn't surprising that I didn't know about them. But as my hair is currently pretty short and the color has grown out almost down to the tips. And now, faced with their presence, their reality, what is a girl to do? Firmly planted in my early thirties, it feels too soon. But most of my friends have a few gray hairs. So I guess it isn't out of the norm.

Until now my color was fun and sassy. Suddenly I'm slapped with all the reality of the Clairol ad. If I color my hair now, will I be washing away the gray or, at 32, can I still consider it cheeky and fresh? I feel like I've only just gotten to a place in my life where I'm not bothered by what I look like on the outside. Sure, I've got weight to lose and various things are bowing to gravity (literally). But still, I'm ok with me. I suppose that trio of age won't change that. But it is an adjustment I'm going to have to make. And I'm going to have to stop searching them out every time I look in a mirror. Nice and easy, right?


Mrs. Arnold said...

At least you're finding them on your head and not...elsewhere. Things could be worse!!

Miss Kim said...

I've had them since 20 (and recently, a lot more than three). I took a dye vacation when I was preggo, but I like being a (gray-free) redhead now.