Sunday, November 18, 2007

christmas time's a' comin'

The following catalogs* were in our mail from the weekend:
  1. Chico's I do not know why I get this as I have never bought or worn or given anyone a gift from this catalog or store. Also I am not old enough to wear this stuff.
  2. Duluth Trading Company I bought my dad a pair of suspenders for Christmas last year.
  3. Sur La Table There is a sexy scale I've been eyeing in this one.
  4. The Sharper Image I do not know why I get this one as it is for boys. And I have not shopped for my boys from it.
  5. Fair Indigo This seems interesting. I do not know this one. It may make the perusal cut.
  6. Ulta Local beauty product store with special deals for people with a card. I have a card but I can never find it when I go there.
  7. Fossil I bought a new watch this year. I loved it but I've already chipped the face.
  8. Patagonia Oh, oh! I have a pair of shoes (yes, they have shoes now) from here that I love love love.
  9. Plow & Hearth Somebody buys you a basket for your pistachios four years ago and forever you will get this catalog.
  10. Herrington This appears to be the bastard step-child of Plow & Hearth, and you will get it forever as well.
  11. Land's End This is the classic, ginormous catalog. A staple of the season.
  12. Wine Country Gift Basket - ???
  13. REI Winter Sale Could be there is something for someone for Christmas here.
  14. The Company Store Ah, warm and wooby stuff.
  15. World Vision Gift Catalog We usually get a gift of livestock from here from Mrs. Bump. If you're on the fence about gift giving, this is a really nice one to give. And to get.
  16. J Jill They have nice pants.
  17. Barnes & Noble Holiday Catalog I have a membership card thing-y from them.
  18. Sundance Can't afford anything from here but it sure is purty.
  19. Rockler Woodworking & Hardware This one is Mr. Bump's.
There was also a "Happy Thanksgiving" card from our dentist, who totally defeated the purpose of choosing a non-religious holiday on which to send a card by putting a CD of holiday songs in with the card.

Also, the waiting is over. I got the form letter from the ob/gyn--everything is normal in the PAP department! Yeah, and you thought blepharitis was an overshare.

We have got to get the mail more often.

*note: All catalogs will be placed in the recycling bin once they have been rejected, discarded, or used for ordering purposes.

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