Friday, November 23, 2007

friday: the nougaty center of thanksgiving weekend

After a long day of laying around reading, eating more turkey and mashed potatoes and pie (of course), and then watching a movie in the evening, I find myself too exhausted to blog about much. However, I will say that the only things I bought today were purchased either at Walgreens or Safeway, so I think I managed to avoid the worst of the cursed Black Friday. We spent the evening watching one of my purchases, the movie version of Persuasion, which I picked up at the Safeway. Supermarkets are amazing places these days. We also somehow managed to buy four more bags of Halloween candy at 75 cents apiece. You know, because we might run out of candy between now and when all the Christmas candy starts rolling in. This year was less a Black Friday than a chocolate Friday.

One final bit of thanks--I'm very thankful that I didn't have to work today, like I did last year. I mean, I would have missed the pie and Persuasion. Ah, Captain Wentworth is a choo-choo Charlie!

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