Sunday, November 25, 2007

taking back the house pat benatar-style

I just heard a train whistle outside my very urban window. I wonder where it's coming from? There it goes again! I hope I'm not imagining it, but if I am, that might be interesting, too.

I completely lost my train of thought (ha ha) there. Now, what was I going to tell you? Ah yes, today we attempted to take back the house from the crap that has overtaken it like kudzu. We were relatively successful, and I did manage to switch out my summer and winter wardrobes, run a couple of loads of laundry and a couple of loads of dishes, wade through the catalog stack and return all those seat cushions for our new chairs that just didn't quite work. But.

But I didn't manage to get out any of the Christmas decorations or tree, or put away the Halloween decorations (although they are mostly down and in a big pile in front of the front door to be taken down to the garage. Also, we have lost an area in our living room that would previously been dedicated to the tree (we bought a new loveseat), so that's part of the dilemma. Mr. Bump has already suggested not putting the tree up. Which is just wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

So we're about halfway there. But, there are new sheets on the bed as well as the mattress pad warmer (I highly recommend for the colder climes). Oh, and I bought a new coat! Although mine doesn't chop my head off in quite that way.

So winter, hit me with your best shot. Go ahead--fire away!

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Miss Kim said...

Super cute coat! I'm looking forward to seeing it.