Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Update Mouse: the mouse seems to be gone. In case you were wondering. Below is a re-post of the comment Mr. Bump made to the original mouse post, in case you missed it.

We caught Stewart this morning, alive. I was starting to make tea, and saw him make a break for the stairs out of the corner of my eye. He's fast, but I have long legs, and cut him off from the basement, so he chose the closet, and then it was just a matter of time. I walked him across the street, pointed him towards the theatre, and let go of his tail--he was off like a shot, away from the likes of man.

What this fails to mention is that apparently Stewie had already had a bit of a chew on a block of d-con. But he's got a good chance. Whatever chewed the heck out of the block in the basement, however, clearly found some place to die, but we never did catch him/her. Hopefully he/she found a way out and is not currently rotting in to a pile of goo under the stairs. Mmm, who's ready for dinner?

Funny how I have nothing to say for so long, and now this verbal diarrhea in one day. Again, dinner?


Chris said...

In the things-I-was-always-told-and-now-wonder-if-they-are-really-true vein, I was always told that the D-Con drives the mice outside in search of water. But now I wonder.

Mrs.Bump said...

I have always heard that too. Although I don't know that they'd have to go outside to get water in our house. There were some holes that Mr. Bump sealed up, so we're hoping they were going in and out.