Tuesday, September 15, 2009

in my next life

I have lots to say and I just haven't found much time to say it. I promise to do right by y'all before we leave for our trip.

But for this moment, I stumbled on this poem through this blog, and it got me thinking. What would I want to do in my next life? And why not make that a list of things to do in this one? So I thought I'd inject that occasionally as a series of posts? Why not indeed. Here goes:

In my next life I would pierce my nose. Tiny stud, right-hand side. I think maybe I need to wait for the next go-round--am I too old at 35?

More to come...I promise!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Well. It's your nose.

I think there's two categories.

1) Things that aren't limited by age, just perceived propriety. Nose piercing fits in this category. I think going to Narnia might as well.

2) Things that actually are limited by age. Great Grandma Jones probably shouldn't be doing Parkour, even if she wants to. (had a hard time finding an example)