Monday, November 09, 2009

ain't nothin' gonna break my stride

Yes, that's right, I'm not above a song lyric as a post title. But! That isn't why I've brought us together tonight. Or whenever it is you're reading this. Whatever.

I've brought you here to share a little something. A little something that I'm sure you'll love.

This! Don't you love this?!? This is my after-dark running attire! Either that or I've been turned into a robot alien from outer space. "Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Oh my, someone's got a case of the sillies, hasn't she? I think it has to do with the syrup of endorphins oozing between the crevices in my brain. I went for a run tonight, after dark, and I must say there is something to it. It's quiet. There are fewer cars, fewer people, less to be hyper aware of. Cars generally have their lights on so you can see them coming, either toward you or behind you. And if you're lit up like Times Square like I am, you have nothing to worry about. I found this nifty hat with LED lights in the brim at the Eddie Bauer outlet store near our house (I looked online and I couldn't find it, but it's sort of like this one, only not made out of cotton.) Then I added a flashing red light to the back of it that I bought at REI. It fit right onto the back of the hat. The the fabulously luminous Brooks shirt, and a pair of REI running tights and my shiny silver Mizuno running shoes, I'm a party in motion.

Don't you think I'm rocking this look? Actually, the question I'm dying for you to answer is why is it so damned hard to smile in a picture you're taking of yourself in the bathroom mirror? It's like the end of the world in there if you don't get it right or something.

See? That's more like it. Well kids, I ate good things in good amounts today, I exercised, I brushed my teeth and everything. Where's my gold star?


DBump said...

You know I'll always take a picture of you, even with your death rays on.

Chris said...

The first picture is excellent!