Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a leetle lion movie and a leetle giveaway

Draw up a cozy chair, pop yourself some popcorn, and do a little armchair traveling with me, back to Mashatu. Join us on our game drive after we've caught up with the lions on one of our last game drives there. I'll set the scene: I'm sitting in the front passenger seat (which is on the left side since all the vehicles are right hand drive). At the beginning of the video that's the hood of the vehicle where the rifle was mounted. I'm not zoomed in on the camera. I am that close. And she is that big. Actually, probably bigger than she looks in this video. And yeah, there was no door on either the driver's or passenger's side in the front. You can kind of see that she's got cubs, but I think that she was weaning those babies--we saw one of them trying to nurse on our last game drive and she just kept getting up and moving away.

I have a special prize if you can guess what mamma lion is doing at the end of this video. Post a comment with your guess. Seriously, I have little something I bought in Africa that I can give away, but I only have one, so if I get a single right answer, that person gets it. If I get more than one right answer, I'll have a random number generator pick one. You have until 10:00 PM Mountain Time tomorrow to post your guess. Really, you'll all guess it, I'm sure.

P.S. Mr. Bump, you are ineligible on account of having been there at the time. Also, if no one guesses I'll be posting my own anonymous right answer and enjoying my own prize. Also dying of humiliation, but that's for another time. So guess! Post a comment! I'm sure you're right.

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Chris said...

I will take the low road. Pooping. There. It's been said. Everybody else now needs to be more creative.