Monday, November 16, 2009

file this under: Oh Really?

So I'm into making my own granola bars lately.  That's kind of another story but since it has bearing on this I'll just say that they taste better if they're freshly made and I get to put in what I want, and leave out all the crap and especially all the raisins (again, crap) that are often in commercial granola bars.

So I'm looking for ingredients for my granola last night, and I have some dried blueberries, but not enough, but I think I have some down in our Millennium Rapture Food Stores (otherwise known as offsite storage) in our basement.  I end up having two different containers of them, and some feel softer, and therefore I assume newer, so I rip into the bag.  But they look, well, beat up.  Which doesn't make much sense for dried fruit, particularly when none of the other dried blueberries look bad.

I show them to Mr. Bump, who reviews the package and its contents and comes up with this

The blueberries must look nasty because they are "bursting with natural flavor" and must have just overflowed..."just like Mother Nature intended!"  Um, ok?

Then he turns the package over, just to see exactly what Mother Nature did, in fact, intend.  Mostly by checking the ingredients:

Apparently Mother Nature intends for the blueberries to include HFCS, Corn Syrup, and Sucrose.  Because Mother Nature intends for your dried fruit to be dried fruit plus some other added sweeteners, including some that are processed (and repeat after me kids) "Just Like Mother Nature Intended!"

Goodnight, and good luck with your dried fruit!  I'll hit you with that granola recipe later.

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DBump said...

I can vouch that the granola bars are extremely good, even though they don't have raisins or honey :)