Sunday, November 15, 2009

it's a new day, a new week, a new closet

The subject of this photo, both in the garbage bag and the pile, represents a much-needed purge of the coat closet.  I'm going to donate all of this to Coats for Colorado, and I've been meaning to get to this project for a while, but I finally got to it this afternoon.  In my defense, I will say that not a single one of these coats fit me now, and almost all of them did a year ago.  And most of them were fairly inexpensive models from the likes of Target.  But I have purchased a Very Expensive, Very Nice coat, which is winging its way from England. With my North Face coat system that made the cut from the above culling, I think my coat needs are satisfied.  It feels good to know I can buy a Very Nice coat and that it will fit me a year from now and beyond.  Y'all know I'm hoping planning on losing some more weight, but I plan for that junk to come out of my trunk, not through my shoulders.  I trust that the Very Nice coat will fit me, come hell or high water.

I also bagged up a bag full of clothes that no longer fit, and I probably have another bag or two to go.  It's hard to let go of things, for some reason.  Partly because it feels like a waste, that I haven't worn them enough (or in some cases at all).  Partly because it's a sort of security blanket.  I don't plan on ever having to wear that stuff again.  In fact, I plan on never having to wear it again.  But I still struggle with getting rid of things.  I've probably purged a good 12-15 big black garbage bags full of clothes.  Now I know that that's way too many clothes, and I should just have a small wardrobe of really nice pieces, and all that crap.  But I loathe laundry.  So having to wash my 8-10 items of clothing every week ain't gonna happen.  Plus, I have a varied closet personality.  Sometimes I'm neutrals, sometimes I'm hot pink.

I've been working on a system where I put the clean clothes in the front of the closet, and as things seem to stagnate at the back, I just purge them out every month or two.  But there are sometimes when it would be nice to have a line judge sitting in the corner of my bedroom.  When I pull out that favorite cardigan that just happens to be too big for me now, s/he could yell "Fault!"  An impartial observer of my closet would be a good thing.  Let me know if you know anyone looking for that kind of work.  Someone I wouldn't be creeped out by if they just sat in the corner of my bedroom every morning and armchair quarterbacked my daily morning ritual of pulling things out, trying them on, and tossing them on the reject pile on my bed.  Also if s/he could go ahead and hang all those rejects back up after I head to work, that would be great too.  The pay might be lousy, but the baked good benefits are outstanding.  Also, we have a surfeit of warm cuddly dog which would be available for use.

ANYway, I'm proud of myself for finally amassing Coat Mountain.  Now I just need to figure out some way to get all the coats to a Dependable Cleaners.  Hrm.  Mr. Bump suggested if I start with the smallest one first and work outward, maybe I could wear them in to work, and then peel them off at the cleaners across the street.  His genius knows now bounds.

I'll let you know when Very Expensive Very Nice coat arrives.  Until then I'm really glad the snow has stopped and it's supposed to be warm and clear this week.  Onward!  No looking back!  Goodbye Coat Mountain!

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