Thursday, January 14, 2010

where drivel is sometimes spoken

Apparently today is National Delurking Day. I love it! I must say I always feel like no one reads this, that I'm just putting stuff down here for myself, Mr. Bump, and a couple of friends who I know read but who I also keep updated through normal channels. So sometimes it feels redundant to put some stuff down here. I need to let go of the idea of an audience and just write--that certainly used to be the way I approached this. Not sure what changed. I signed up for Google Analytics, which gives you all sorts of cool-e-o data about your blog, your traffic and page views, etc. And while I don't get a ton of traffic, I was surprised by how much I did get. And where in the world it comes from.

I plan on de-lurking from five of the blogs on my Google Reader today, and I challenge you to do the same (hopefully one of those is mine, but if not, that's ok). Post a comment here when you read this, whether it's today, tomorrow, or some day far in the future, when you're pawing through my archives because you can't get enough of me (Hi you!). Ahem.

Anyway, welcome! I'm glad you're out there. I hope you enjoy my drivel! I would love to know you. Ask a question, link to your blog, or just put a little "hi" in the comments to this post. You don't have to same I'm awesome (unless you just can't help yourself). Just say hiya. I'll give you a little wave back.

P.S.  I had my first spam comment the other day (so honored!).  Let me just say, that kind of comment will get deleted with a swiftness.  I have no desire to turn on comment moderation but I'll do it if the spam happens again. :)


Anonymous said...

So what is delurking?

Mrs.Bump said...

Delurking is commenting on blogs that you normally read but never comment on--just what you've done!

DBump said...

The audience issue is interesting. With my picture-a-day project, I think I'm still my worst critic (at least, visibly--maybe lurking isn't so bad...). But it's useful as a device to force me to produce a picture that could have an audience, whether or not it does.