Wednesday, January 27, 2010

work trip

I'm on a work trip at the moment, which is a first for me.  First time to be traveling for work. First time to be checked-in at a hotel by myself in 11 years.  First time in almost that long to be sleeping far away from Mr. Bump. It's exciting and a fun challenge and all that stuff.  But I've gotta say I miss my man.  Sappy, I know, but true.  He's my best friend.  My right hand (I'll be the left one, it has the diamonds!;) ) He's it, kids.  He's the one. 

I'll have to give you more of a run-down on our weekend in Kansas City later.  Mr. Bump is flying out to meet me tomorrow afternoon, and we're going to kick our heels up in both Kansas AND Missouri!  I know, crazy.  Who else but a crazy person would go to Kansas City in January?  But we're going to check out the town and go see a dear old friend in Columbia, MO.  And somewhere in there I'm going to run 9 miles in weather that maxes out at 25 degrees and 60 percent humidity!  Good times.

Lastly, there was a woman on the plane who was really large.  She had a hard time getting into or out of the seat, and she had to ask for a seatbelt extender from the flight attendant.  Traveling mid-day and mid-week, she was able to have the extra room so that there was no one in the seat next to her.  I felt both sympathy for her and horror at how close I came to that.  She handled herself with aplomb and dignity, and I admire her for that.  I don't ever want to get to that place.  Of all the things that made me lose weight, being able to travel was one of the greatest motivator.  Whether that's to Kansas City or to places further afield.  I just want to say thank you to her, the woman in seat 11D from Denver to Kansas City.  For reminding me of why I'll be running those 9 miles this weekend. 

Happy travels, everyone.

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