Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2:20:17 *PR!

Finally got that PR in the half marathon, even if it was only a 11 second PR--I'll take it! Finished up the day with another 8 on top of the half, for a final long run of 21 miles before tapering. Let the taper begin! I've been so stressed about getting back into training after the foot pain and back pain that the taper portion of this training cycle snuck up on me.  Two weeks from tomorrow Mr. Bump and I (and my sweet parents) head out to Portland. Nineteen days and counting until I PR in PDX.

The rockstar next to me was Jean, who ran her first half on Sunday! She rocked it for 2:39:20 finish. We ran step for step for the first eight miles or so, before we parted ways at an aid station. But I saw her heading for the finish line as I headed out for my extra eight. So proud of her!

The race (Crossroads Half Marathon) was small but had great support (fabulous photographers!), particularly the free GUs and the snowcones at the finish line. Race directors take note--snowcones at the finish are the Bomb!

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