Friday, September 02, 2011

Friday five things x two = lots of woe

  1. Back still hurts, but it is better. Standing for long periods of time is out (so glad I have to decorate a WEDDING CAKE in the next two days!), but I can walk ok if I'm not carrying anything, and sitting is fine. When I wake up in the morning, I'm pain free. 
  2. I saw the doctor on Monday and she says that since the pain is intermittent it is probably muscular (spasms) and can be handled with ibuprofen and muscle relaxants. Muscle relaxants are the shit. I'm awake for about an hour, and then I slide sideways no matter what I'm doing. Best to just leave those for overnight consumption. And that's when I'm cutting a pill in half.
  3. I'm making a wedding cake for someone to be delivered tomorrow at 3:30. I am living for 5:00 on Saturday. It seems like there is so much potential for me to end up on Cake Wrecks in the near future. Hold me.
  4. I paid off my student loans on Monday. Paid. In. Full. I've only been paying on them since 1998. I feel so free. And richer.
  5. Marathon is in 37 days. Hold me.
  6. I have gone through the five stages of grief this week, but ultimately I've settled for anger. I refuse to let this injury get the better of my plans, and all the time I've put in to training. I'm mad at my body, I'm mad at my training plan (because this is its fault), I'm mad at the weather for making training so hard. I HATE summer marathon training. But I'm fighting mad.
  7. I'm very tired of reading running blogs where everyone is Running! Lots! of Miles! and I feel like a failure because of the injuries and time I've had to take off from running. It makes me feel really really bad. I know it isn't like I'm just being lazy, but it feels like it's my own fault and I've failed at training. (I had this listed as No. 10 but I just can't finish on this note.)
  8. I applied for a credit card on Sunday night, and I've yet to get an email from them. Should I be worried? I haven't checked the mailbox in a few days, though, so who knows?
  9. I can finally, FINALLY get my hair in the stumpiest of ponytails/pigtails. It's only taken me almost a year to grow my hair out this long.
  10. There will be pizza, alcohol, and a run in my Labor Day weekend, damn it! Not on the same day, perhaps, and not in conjunction with the consumption of muscle relaxants, but still THEY WILL HAPPEN.

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