Saturday, November 12, 2011

just hanging

After some gatorade, some advil, and some quality time with my mom and dad for my dad's 77th(!) birthday, I'm finally feeling better.  But this morning was rough.  My tolerance for alcohol seems to be somewhere between two and three glasses of wine. Shame last night I had a gin & tonic and three (possibly four--it was an open bar and I lost track at some point) glasses of wine. That falls squarely in much too much alcohol.

But we had a fun time at the wedding party, and a great day with my folks, including breakfast, a trip to IKEA, some card playing and a birthday dinner.  They've gone home, and I'm about spent, so I don't have anything more to say tonight. So I'll leave you with another gem of a photo.

We'll have to talk about the dress later. It was fabulous and wonderful and worth every penny. Sadly this was the best full photo of it that I found on my camera or Mr. Bump's. Perhaps there were paparazzi somewhere and I'll find some more pics in next week's US Weekly. 

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