Thursday, November 03, 2011

some things are better left unsaid

And unfortunately for all three of you, those are all the things I've got on my mind. It's late, and I've got to go run tomorrow with a big ol' mask on my face (more on this tomorrow). So I'll just show you some pretty shiny things and leave it at that.

I know you're not supposed to play favorites, and truthfully all my medals have their place on my wall of racing, but I do have a few favorites.

This one is from my very first marathon, the 2010 Colorado Marathon, and so I'll always have a soft spot for it.  The medal shows the Poudre River and the mountains, which is basically the river valley you run down through the first have of the course. It's pretty. I actually think it's the second medal I got (Boulder Backroads Half was the first) but I have soured on that race. That might be why that medal didn't make the cut.  I actually took this in to work for a while and hung it up in my cubicle. People have their kids artwork, pictures of their spouses, animals. Me, I have my Marathon Finisher's Medal. Let's not look too closely at what that says about me, hm?  Also I do have pictures of my spouse and animals as well, so I don't come across as that weird co-worker in the next cubicle who has no friends and blows his nose way too often. You know who I'm talking about, right?

This one is from the Horsetooth Half, which I ran this spring. I absolutely love that the course elevation is on the medal. It's one of my favorite designs for a medal. The elevation is a bitch and it's nice that they brag about it right on the medal. It's also on the back of the tech tee, which is handy on the course for identifying how much more elevation gain you have to go.  It's a medal that doubles as a map, which is always handy. Who needs a Garmin when they can just wear the medal?

Up next is the Leadville Heavy Half.  The medal is, in fact, very very heavy.  I like a medal with a bit of heft (that's what she said).  I take it with me when I run after dark, so I can use it as a weapon.

And last, and most certainly not least, is my Portlandia medal from the Portland Marathon. It's based of a coin and I would tell you more about it if it wasn't late and I wasn't so lazy.  But it's cool. Trust me.

This is the back:
Even though the ribbon is kind of weird and it's smaller than some of the other medals, I like this one enough that wear it to bed. You should see what it does for a pair of pjs.

That's it. I posted today, with actual pictures in lieu of navel-gazing content. You're welcome.

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