Friday, November 04, 2011

we've got tonight, babe

I made some vague promises last night about me in a mask, which I fully intend to keep, but not tonight.

Tonight I've got a little bit of a tickle in my throat, so it's all peppermint tea all the time. In addition to  peppermint tea there might have been a Magnum ice cream bar. But really, we're closing down Bumpalot for the winter so these things have to be eaten. Have to. Also it soothes the sore throat, people. Dairy coats the throat. And hey, tomorrow is a new day.

Tonight I'm curled up next to a wood burning stove that's merrily crackling away. It's actually 77 degrees in this room, which is about the temperature that we turn the air conditioner on down in Denver, but 77 degrees in front of the stove is wholly different from 77 degrees from the sun. Somehow.

Tonight I finished a book, which isn't exactly a revelation but it was an ok book. It had well written bits. But it was also set in Denver by someone not from Colorado. She called it "UC-Boulder."  If she had had anyone from Denver read the book, she would have been told how wrong that is.  I'm not going to link to the book here since I don't want her to hate me. Because I have so many followers that I'm sure it would get back to her.  But anyway it's CU-Boulder.

Tonight I am missing good friends who live elsewhere (weighted heavily to the west coast). If I had three wishes (leprechaun or genie) I would use one of them to magic them up here next to this hot fire and hot tea. I'd figure out a way to get them back home again without using an additional wish, in case anyone is worried.

Tonight I'm thinking about all the runners streaming into NYC for the marathon on Sunday. Some year I'll be there. I'm going to keep trying.  If not before, then the year I turn 40 I'll have an automatic in, if I've entered the lottery every year but not been selected before then. It's on the bucket list. Eventually I will get there NYC. Bet on it.

Tonight I've got at least four more books in my pile, my newest issues of Runner's World and Cooking Light, and Bridesmaids from Netflix.  Hot beverage. Cold ice cream bar. Wool slippers. Snowy mountain out my window. A whole weekend ahead to enjoy it.

Tonight is good, folks.  Gimme five until tomorrow.

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