Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Inevitable Catch-up Post

November. Really?  I haven’t posted anything since November?  Wow, ok.

What has happened since November?

Christmas, obviously. I gained a few pounds (which I have yet to lose) so that’s no good. I ran a 5k on New Year’s day, and PR’d, which was good. 

We went to Belize for 10 glorious, sun-drenched days in January, which was good.  You can check out the pictures here.

I have a new job (sort of—it’s complicated) which I am enjoying, and is good.

Running-wise, I’ve been training.  I volunteered for a race in December, which was fun, and got me a free entry into one of the other races organized by the same folks, and I chose the 25K Greenland Trail Race as my free race. It’s the first weekend in May and I’ve yet to run a single trail, but I’ve got about 2 months, and the weather hasn’t been conducive to trail running lately.  I’ll get there. The elevation profile isn’t as brutal as the Leadville Heavy Half, and I think it’s a large loop. Actually, I should probably check on that.

I signed up for the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego on June 3rd, which should be fun. We have great people to stay with, and the weather should be nice (the weather always seems to be nice in San Diego).  I really really really REALLY want to run a sub 5 hour marathon.  I’m hopeful everything will be on my side and I can shave 3 minutes off my time. 

The heart rate training got stalled out over the holidays, but I’ve been back at it since we got back from Belize, and I can see a difference.  It hasn’t been easy, and the progress is still untested, but I’m hopeful that it will help. All I really need is 3 minutes.  If you really have nothing better to do (really? I'm sure you do) you can click on my Daily Mile link and track my progress over there. Let's be DM friends, if you have an account!

I entered the lottery for the NYC Marathon, so if I win (and it really does feel like if you get in, you’ve won the race right there) I’ll do that, but if I don’t, I won’t be doing any other races this year.  I just have to hope that I can maintain my motivation without a race to train for.  Right now I’m training through June 3rd, so I’ll have to be contented with that.  If I don’t get in to NYC, I’m probably taking marathon break for a while after San Diego RnR.  But ask me that question again after San Diego.

There is other news, but I can’t really talk about it yet.  Eventually.  Sorry to be cryptic, but there it is.  I will tell you I’m not pregnant, so don’t go there.  If you’re curious, email me.

What about you? How were your holidays? What have you been up to?

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amy said...

Good to see your post. I have been wondering what has been up with you. Glad all seems well